Sourcing Candidates – A Candidate Feed

We share your entry-level opportunity to our network of more than 18K university professors and faculty who then share your message with interested students and alumni.

How Do Feeds Work?


You provide

Your hiring criteria and a link to your job posting or the Careers page of your website.

AfterCollege sends

Targeted job notifications to relevant job-seekers within our network of 5MM students and recent graduates.

You receive

An email with up to 20 pre-sourced job prospects and a direct messaging platform to immediately reach them.
Share with relevant prospects based on:
Location • School • Major • Graduation Date • Student Group • Languages • Work Eligibility • Veteran Status • GPA

When you click on a job-seeker profile in your email feed, you’re automatically logged in and brought to their complete profile on AfterCollege.

You can one-click navigate to all prospect profiles included in your feed.

Each job-seeker in your feed is marked as interested or recommended:

"Roderick has shown interest in your opportunity"

Prospect reviewed your opportunity and expressed interest.

"We recommend Carleen for your company"

AfterCollege determined this is a relevant prospect based on your criteria.

"Adam applied on 1/16"

Prospect reviewed your job on AfterCollege and started the application process.

Candidate Feed Pricing - Proactive Sourcing

  • 1 feed per month
  • Employer brand page
  • $199/mo*

    *12-month price
    $299 month-to-month price
  • 2 feeds per month
  • Employer brand page
  • $299/mo*

    *12-month price
    $499 month-to-month price
  • 3 feeds per month
  • Employer brand page
  • $399/mo*

    *12-month price
    $599 month-to-month price

Beyond 6 is $25 per additional Education Category & Hiring Region

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