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Resume Writing Guide

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Resumes are marketing tools for your career and they should be used to highlight skills and education. Resumes may also be the first and only impression that the employer gets of you before an interview. Therefore, a resume should be…

Appropriate Correspondence

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Business correspondence serves a variety of purposes throughout the career cycle, but most of all it reflects professional courtesy during the job search.

Sample Cover Letter

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Dear Ms. Brown:  In May, I will be graduating from State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. From my resumé, you will see that my experience matches the qualifications listed for this position.  As my resumé indicates, I…


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References can have a significant impact on the final hiring decision. Be ready at a moment’s notice to provide potential employers with at least three solid ones.  Approach only your natural contacts, the people who would unquestionably offer a glowing…

Ketchup and your resume: more in common than you think

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How often do we read in the press about unsuccessful job seekers sending out hundreds of resumes without success?  This only reinforces how job seekers don’t understand their customers (i.e. potential employers) and don’t properly respond to their specific needs.…