The Power of Niche Recruiting and Association Websites

By Guest Author on March 04, 2013

By Carl Braun, President, Cross-Post

Employers have known for some time now that recruiting from specific niche targeted markets is a powerful tool in attracting candidates. Niche networks in key areas like Diversity, Veterans, Green Employers and Social among others represent pools of qualified candidates in different categories some of which qualify for EEOC consideration. One area that is often overlooked is recruiting on association and fraternal organization websites. These are excellent places to identify and recruit very targeted candidates.

When job candidates begin a search they often use a multifaceted approach that includes:

1. Their local newspaper or the newspaper from the city they intend to relocate to.

2. Niche or Affinity job boards. Websites representing a specific interest or qualification such as diversity, veterans or an interest in “green” issues.

3. Large national job boards like Monster, Careerbuilder and Indeed.

4. Association or fraternal job boards with organizations like the National Black MBA Association, National Association of Women in Construction or the North American Transportation Management Institute.

There are literally thousands of associations and fraternal job boards representing nearly every conceivable job category or interest group. They can be as large as the National Association of Sales Professionals or as small (but powerful if you need them) as the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology. If you are a Nephrology Technician for example, that is someone specializing in renal failure in patients, are you going to look for a job on one of the large boards or are you going to check first with your fraternal group?

So what does this mean for AfterCollege clients? Well aside from representing a huge niche category of college graduates, AfterCollege has partnered for more than two years with Cross-Post LLC, the leading provider of niche recruitment networks to newspapers. Beginning in mid-February, each of our client newspapers posting to Cross-Post Networks will also see their postings show up in the organic search results sections of niche association websites where appropriate.

When you combine locally based newspaper recruiting with niche networks and association/fraternal recruiting you have perhaps the most powerful tools for attracting top talent across virtually every category.

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