Tactics for Attracting and Recruiting the Next Generation of Talent

By Roberto Angulo (CEO) on June 14, 2012

The 2012 AfterCollege report is out and it contains details on proven methods for communicating effectively with college students and recent grads. Find out how students prefer to hear from employers, and what job search methods they find effective. Should you be using text messaging? How about attending career fairs?


Grads value work/life balance. This ranked higher than salary, benefits and even company reputation. Incorporating aspects of value to grads in your employer brand is crucial.


Employer web sites and SMS. Students like going to company web sites to learn about potential employers. And even though most college students have cell phones, very few of them prefer SMS as a communication option with employers.


The best time of year to do college recruiting. It’s not what you may think. Students are looking year round, and Late spring and summer are good times of year to connect with top students.

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