Building Your Alumni Database and Helping Your Students

By Nick Fitzpatrick on March 17, 2010

How To Use AfterCollege To Build Your Alumni Database and To Help Current Students

The following check list was compiled based on feedback from academic departments who use AfterCollege Career Networks.  These steps will help strengthen your alumni relations while providing a valuable department specific resource for your students.  We hope you benefit from these ideas and also invite you to share your best practices on how you use AfterCollege to help your members.

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1.  Invite your students to join your Career Network
Building your alumni database starts with current students. AfterCollege makes it easy to invite current students to join your career network with pre-written email invitation templates.  Make certain the invitation is sent by a known credible department spokesperson.  This will result in the highest levels of adoption.  Once students graduate they will automatically be moved into your alumni database.  Don’t forget to send an invitation each time you have new incoming students.  Dedication to this simple process will result in complete alumni data for years to come and provide your current students with a valuable resource.

2.  Include a link to your AfterCollege Career Network on your department website
By displaying a link to your Career Network on your website, you identify your department as one that is committed to enriching the academic experience by providing additional tools that help students succeed during and after college.  Title the link “Career Network” and make it is easy to find.  If you have a website redesign, be sure your webmaster knows it is priority to keep the AfterCollege link in a prominent location.

3.  Invite alumni to join your Career Network
Your Career Network serves as a platform for alumni to engage with current students and stay connected to your department.  If you have a list (or multiple lists in multiple locations) of program graduates, invite them to join your Career Network.  This will help consolidate all of your alumni data in one easy to manage location.  You can quickly and securely upload (or cut and paste) alumni lists to your Career Network management center so you can send a mass invitation. 

4.  Direct employers to your Career Network
Do employers contact you wishing to share job opportunities with your students? Save time by sending them to your Career Network to list their openings.  A pre-written employer invitation is available in the management center and it can be sent in seconds.  Students and alumni use the Career Network to compare and contrast employers, job opportunities and potential career paths so this is the best place to centralize employer information in one accessible location.  This is an easy way to cooperate with recruiters, streamline department processes and help your students at the same time.

5.  Make sure all department stakeholders know about and use the Career Network
Invite all department faculty and staff to join your Career Network to make them aware of the Career Network and how it benefits to the department.  The most successful programs are those where all department faculty and staff understand the value the Career Network and use it to its fullest advantage.  A pre-written email invitation for administrators is available in the management center.

6.  Send announcements to your members
Through AfterCollege, you can keep track of where your alumni work.  Encourage your students to go to AfterCollege before they graduate and have them update their contact information and place of employment.  Students can enter their job title and employer history.  This information is available to you via your Career Network account on AfterCollege.  AfterCollege provides announcement copy that can be sent just prior to graduation to ensure graduates keep the information up to date.  You can email an announcement to all registered Career Network members through the management center with one click.

7.  Access your alumni data
When students join your Career Network, they enter graduation date and complete a profile.  As a result student and alumni profiles are available to you for any member who chooses to affiliate themselves with your program before and after they graduate.  Many departments that use AfterCollege already have a substantial alumni database and don’t even know it!

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