AfterCollege Scholarship FAQ

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below regarding AfterCollege scholarships to see if your question can be answered by this FAQ. If you have further questions, please contact us.

What is the scholarship committee considering when they look at my profile?

See this helpful explanation for full details.

I’m currently a freshman, so I don’t have a GPA yet. What do I do?

Incoming freshmen are eligible to apply as long as they are currently enrolled in the program.  Please use your high school GPA, and make a note of it, like this:  3.5 (HS GPA)

I am about to begin my program; am I eligible to apply to this scholarship not having started the program yet?

You need to be currently enrolled in the program on the date of the deadline to be eligible for the scholarships. The good news is that most of our scholarships are quarterly, so you will be eligible for the next round.

I am an international student and I don’t have a green card; can I still apply?

International students are eligible to apply for our scholarships as long as they meet all requirements.

The scholarship description says they need to be in an accredited program.  We no longer go through an outside accreditation process. Does that mean our students wouldn’t be eligible?

In this case “accreditation” simply means that the degrees offered by the program/school are legitimate.  Your students are absolutely eligible for this scholarship, so please do share this information! 

I keep getting redirected to a sign-up page.  How do I access the scholarship application?

In order to apply for this scholarship you must first create a free AfterCollege account.  Once your account is created and you are “signed in”, go back to the scholarship page, and the full instructions and application form will be available to you.

How will I be notified if I win?

AfterCollege scholarship finalists are contacted by email during the month following the deadline.  Finalists are asked to present an unofficial transcript at this time.  The chosen scholarship recipient is contacted by email at the end of the month.

How do I obtain an unofficial transcript?

Unofficial transcripts can usually be obtained from your school’s admissions office, and normally there is no charge.

What qualifies a Program Director (the source of the recommendation letter)?

A program director, professor, faculty member, or program coordinator may supply the required recommendation at the time this information is requested.

How do I find out who received the scholarship?

Click here to view current and past scholarship recipients. AfterCollege will announce the recipients within a month of the scholarship deadline.

Does the recipient of the scholarship receive the funds directly or are they sent to the school?

AfterCollege mails scholarship awards directly to the scholarship recipient.  Checks are mailed out during the final week of the month following the scholarship deadline.

I won a scholarship from AfterCollege in the past.  Can I apply again?

Yes, you may submit another application for a scholarship.

AACN Scholarship

I’m a pre-nursing student. Will I still be able to apply for this scholarship ?

You must be already enrolled in a 4-year nursing program in order to be eligible for this scholarship, but we encourage you to apply once you have begun your program!

Please visit the page below to access scholarship details, eligibility requirements and application forms:

AfterCollege Scholarship Details