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Full time
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Certified Nurse Aide
(This job is no longer available)
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Job Description

Looking for a place to exhibit your passion for helping the elderly while enriching their lives in a team based, friendly environment? Join the UV team! 

Certified Nurse Aide Weekend Double 


Works under direct supervision and follows standard procedures to accomplish assigned tasks. Performs routine tasks in patient care and bedside nursing. This position does provide direct patient care to geriatric residents.

This job description is a record of the essential functions of the listed job. The job description provides the employee, Administration, Human Resources, applicants, and other agencies with a clear understanding of the job, where it fits in the organization, and the skill and work requirements in relation to other jobs. Jobs are always changing to some degree and the existence of the approved job description is not intended to limit normal change and growth. The facility will make reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified individuals who are capable of performing the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.


  1. Takes temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure.
  2. Measures and records fluid intake and output.
  3. Sometimes assists with enemas douches and sitz baths.
  4. Applies compresses, hot or cold soaks, changes resident position as condition warrants. Assists with treatments to prevent skin breakdowns.
  5. Assists in physical examinations, special treatments or postmortem care as directed.
  6. Transports residents to and from various areas of the facility as necessary; assists transporters in moving residents in and out of stretchers, beds, and wheelchairs.
  7. Maintains the cleanliness of various instruments and equipment such as bedpans, urinals, wheelchairs, sinks and suctions machines.
  8. Keeps the residents room clean and orderly, makes beds, replaces soiled linens, straightens bedside tables; and prepares rooms for occupancy, hangs clothes neatly in closet and keeps personal belongings off the floor.
  9. Assists in restocking rooms with supplies and equipment, assists with cleaning when necessary. Checks shower rooms and utility rooms for cleanliness.
  10. Performs services for the resident involving bath, oral hygiene, care of hair, shaves for both men and women daily, and keeps rooms and residents odor free from offensive body odor. Keeps nails trimmed, short, and clean.
  11. Ensures that oral hygiene supplies and other items are labeled and in the drawer. Combs and brushes labeled and free of dirt and loose hair and in the drawer. Checks for bedside medications and removes them if there is no order.


  1. Monitors Foley Catheters and ensures that they are properly hung below bladder level and not touching the floor, properly positioned over the leg, and the drainage bag cover is in place when residents are out of bed.
  2. Ensures that residents are wearing proper attire at all times, that clothing is on correctly, and that the residents are wearing their own clothing. Also ensures proper foot covering at all times.
  3. Provides oral feedings when necessary and is able to feed dysphagia residents.
  4. Answers resident call lights in a timely manner and performs services which add to the well-being of the resident. Call lights must be placed within reach of the residents.
  5. Reports any unusual circumstances of change in a resident’s condition to the nurse in charge of that resident.
  6. Recognizes and communicates cardiopulmonary arrest.
  7. Observes residents for unusual symptoms or signs of illness.
  8. Practices good isolation techniques to maintain a safe environment and to control the spread of infection. Isolation rooms must be set up properly and the door labeled.
  9. Positions all bedfast residents in proper position, chair fast residents must be in good alignment, comfortable for the resident.
  10. Adheres to infection control policies and procedures; maintains and observes good hand washing between residents, wears gloves when handling body fluids, ice scooper is not in the ice, bedside commodes are kept clean and checked frequently during each shift, soiled linens are bagged before leaving the resident’s room, shower/tubs are disinfected properly between residents, and tube feeding poles are kept clean.
  11. Ensures that fresh water and ice is available to residents at all times with lids on and within reach of the resident.
  12. Acknowledges and observes resident’s rights. Privacy curtains pulled, and knock on doors before entering.
  13. Reports housekeeping, maintenance, & safety issues to Charge Nurse.
  14. Interacts and communicates with fellow staff in a way that promotes a harmonious and cooperative working environment.
  15. Complies with all safety rules and regulations. Follows proper safety procedure and utilizes proper protective equipment at all times.
  16. Adheres to University Village Attendance Policy.
  17. Attends Department In-Services as Scheduled.
  18. Represents University Village in a proper and professional manner by demonstrating and promoting compliance with Our Home Standards.
  19. Performs other necessary duties as assigned.


Required Qualifications


  • High school graduate or equivalent.
  • Nurse aide certification in the state of Oklahoma.


  • Previous experience as a nurse aide is strongly preferred.
  • Previous experience in a LTC facility also preferred, but not required.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

  • Highly developed interpersonal skills.
  • Strong written and oral communications skills.
  • Multi-tasked oriented.
  • Ability to be on time for work.
  • Works effectively under pressure and on short deadlines.
  • Demonstrates effective organizational skills.
  • Exhibits maturity and the ability to deal efficiently and professionally with residents and staff.
  • Demonstrates a “customer first” approach to problem solving.



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