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Job Description

St. Luke's is proud of the skills, experience and compassion of its employees, students, nursing school instructors and volunteers. Together, they are our most valuable asset! Individually and together, our employees, students, nursing school instructors and volunteers are dedicated to satisfying the mission of our organization which is an unwavering commitment to excellence as we care for the sick and injured; educate physicians, nurses, and other health care providers; and improves access to care in the communities we serve, regardless of a patient's ability to pay for health care.

St. Luke's offers many opportunities for our student population. We hope you will find these opportunities equally fulfilling and rewarding. Prior to starting your student internship or your nursing school instructor assignment at St. Luke's, it will be necessary for you to complete specific requirements and orientation materials, which you will need to provide during the student/nursing school instructor application process.


JOB TITLE: Occupational Therapist

DEPARTMENT: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

REPORTS: Clinical Manager and Network Director, Inpatient Rehabilitation


Occupational Therapist shall provide occupational therapy services to patients/clients, upon physician consult or referral, who have sustained occupational impairments, limitations and disabilities, as a result of physical, cognitive or psycho-social dysfunction. Occupational therapists provide evaluation and intervention services that focus on physical and emotional wellness, health promotion, client safety and facilitate client re-engagement of ADL/IADL skills. The Occupational Therapist serves as a resource person for the interdisciplinary team and the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department. Occupational Therapists shall provide supervision as required by state laws and regulations to Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants. Occupational Therapists assist with the education and orientation of students, new staff therapists, physicians and other health care personnel. The Occupational Therapist shall work within the practice guidelines as defined by Pennsylvania state law.

Pediatric (2 months - 12 years) Adolescent (13-17 years)Adult (18-65 years)

Geriatric (66+ years)

The intent of this job description is to provide a representation and level of the types of duties and responsibilities that will be required of positions given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the total of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Employees may be directed to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.




1. Ethical and Legal Considerations

* Complies with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Ethical Conduct.
* Abides by pertinent state and federal laws and regulations, including those applying to the state licensure laws.
* Administration of Occupational Therapy Services
* Understands, promotes, and abides by the Statement of Mission, Purpose and goals set forth for the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department.
* Prioritizes, Implements and Documents evaluations and interventions in order to facilitate patient transition to the next level of care in a safe, timely, and effective manner.
* Adheres to the Standards of Practice and institutional policy and procedures that govern the conduct of professional activities and are consistent with the American Occupational Therapy Associations' (AOTA) positions, standards, guidelines, policies, procedures, and Code of Ethics.
* Integrates AOTA documents, legislation, legal, and regulatory issues into practice.
* Takes an active role in improving patient satisfaction and customer services through performance improvement initiatives, specifically in the areas of clinical outcomes, customer service, productivity, safety and operational systems/processes.
* Demonstrates continued competence in regards to departmental and hospital specific competencies to ensure that the level of expertise within the services is appropriate to the needs of the patients/clients served.
* Participates in opportunities for professional growth.
* Modifies behavior based on self-evaluation, awareness of own strengths and limitations, and constructive feedback from peers.
* Collaborates with the interdisciplinary team as appropriate to provide the highest quality of care to patients/clients.
* Patient/Client Management
* Demonstrates general clinical knowledge of Occupational Therapy in the Acute Care practice setting.
* Demonstrates ability to carryout primary responsibilities for daily department operations.
* Establishes and maintains an ongoing client centered collaborative process of decision- making that exists throughout the provision of services.
* Provides accurate and timely documentation of occupational therapy evaluation and occupational therapy progress note.
* Screens patients/clients to determine the effectiveness of and need for skilled occupational therapy services.
* Performs occupational therapy examination in a technically competent manner that minimizes risk to the patient, self and others by selecting reliable and valid examination methods that are relevant to the chief complaint and history of the patient.
* In collaboration with the patient, the patient's family, caregivers and other members of the multidisciplinary team, establishes appropriate plan of care based on clinical evaluation that takes into consideration impairments, functional limitations, resultant disabilities, functional outcomes, and patient's goals.
* Make suitable discharge recommendation based on identified impairments, functional limitations, client abilities and disabilities.
* Makes recommendations/referral to appropriate entities and DME necessary to ensure safe discharge.
* Provides, or directs and supervises the occupational therapy intervention that is consistent with the results of the clinical evaluation.
* Performs technically competent interventions based on the plan of care.
* Adapts interventions to meet the individual needs and response of the patient/client.
* Performs re-evaluations as necessary during an episode of care to evaluate the progress or change in status and modifies or discontinues the plan of care accordingly.
* Able to identify during an episode of care the need for reevaluation based upon achievement of goals, progress or lack of progress, change in patient status, and response to interventions provided.
* Provides appropriate and timely documentation for communication within the rehabilitation department as well as for communication with other disciplines
* Produces documentation that is accurate, concise, and timely; within 2 hours of intervention provided.
* Produces documentation that is consistent with the multidisciplinary team.
* Attends Case Management/Interdisciplinary rounds and provides timely communication of information to other members of the multidisciplinary team necessary for the effective delivery of care.
* Responds constructively to the needs of all those with whom he/she interacts with on a daily basis.
* Serves as a role model of excellent customer service and patient care.
* Assesses and monitors customer satisfaction and responds promptly to voices and identified concerns.
* Maintains minimum productivity standards set forth for a staff occupational therapist.


* Education
* Educates and provides consultation to the consumers and the general public regarding the roles of occupational therapist, the certified occupational therapy assistant, and other support personnel.
* Attends a minimum of 1 Network wide presentation per year
* Participates in special events organized in the practice setting related to patients/clients and the delivery of care.
* Maintains a minimum of Thirty-six (36) continuing education credit hours every three (3) years as mandated by the National Occupational Therapy Certification Board ( NOTCB)
* Takes responsibility for individual professional and career development.
* Participates in the education of students and serves as level I or II fieldwork supervisor to at least 1 student per year.
* Research
* Participates in the research process as appropriate to individual education experience and expertise.
* Critically evaluates published research articles relevant to occupational therapy and applies to clinical practice in order to provide optimal patient care.
* Distinguishes practices based on traditional beliefs from practices that are evidence based.
* Utilizes research to support clinical practice
* Participates in research activities within and outside the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department in order to explore, validate and direct the delivery of care for specific patient populations.
* Community Responsibility
* Provides consultation services such as ergonomic evaluations, school system assessments and corporate environment assessments.
* Educates patients or other individuals, groups, or communities on health promotion, prevention, and wellness by providing information on impairment, disease, disability, and health risks related to age, gender, culture and lifestyle.
* Maintains confidentiality of all materials handled within the Network/Entity as well as the proper release of information.
* Complies with the Network and departmental policies and procedures regarding
* Demonstrates/models the Network's Service Excellence Standards of Performance in interaction with all customers internal and external.
* Demonstrates Performance Improvement in the following areas as appropriate: Clinical Care/Outcomes, Customer Service/Service Improvement, Operational System/Process, and Safety.
* Demonstrates financial responsibility and accountability through the effective and efficient use of resources in daily procedures, processes and practices.
* Complies with Network and departmental policies and procedures regarding time, attendance and dress code.
* Other duties as assigned.

Please complete your student/nursing school instructor application using your full legal name and current home address in addition to any other personal information. You will also be required to upload specific documents for your internship/assignment.

Thank you for your interest in St. Luke's.