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Employment Type:
Full time
Job Category:
EAPrep - Secondary School Math Teacher
(This job is no longer available)
Southwest Key Programs | Austin, TX
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Job Description

Job Summary:

The Math Teacher is responsible for providing and delivering high quality mathematics instruction to all students. This position is located at East Austin College Prep Secondary School (MLK Campus).

Essential Functions:

* Provide quality instruction for all students in a learning environment that is safe, healthy and fun.
* Execute instructional programs through the use of appropriate higher order thinking activities and experiences designed to challenge the students' learning potential.
* Present subject matter in accordance with Texas Education Agency guidelines and the school's administrative regulations and policies.
* Conduct on-going assessments and use results to plan for instructional purposes to meet the learning needs of the students. Develop and implement lesson plans in accordance with the instructional program and make them reflect the accommodations for the varied student learning styles. Connect science to real life scenarios.
* Use manipulative to concretely represent abstract concepts.
* Prepare, plan and use suitable varied instructional and learning strategies, activities, materials, resources and equipment to reflect understanding of the learning styles and needs of the students.
* Assume the responsibility for written lesson plans, schedules, daily routines, and other pertinent information to reflect understanding of the learning styles and needs of the students.
* Conduct, disaggregate and evaluate assessments of students' learning needs and use results to plan instructional activities.
* Cooperate and collaborate with special education teachers to meet the needs of students according to their Individualized Education Plans (IEP).
* Utilize technology to strengthen and support the instructional program.
* Maintain an evaluation system that is prescribed by state law or adopted by the school.
* Compile, maintain, evaluate and record students' progress to inform parents as needed and required.
* Identify students' learning needs to improve study methods, habits and organizational skills.
* Work and collaborate with colleagues to identify and help students with health, attitude and learning problems.
* Ensure that the students develop the competencies and skills needed to succeed at the collegiate level and in a demanding and ever changing global society.
* Develop and implement a classroom management plan that ensures and maintains a safe and orderly environment that is conducive for optimal student learning.
* Cooperate and collaborate in the selection process of books, equipment and instructional materials.
* Establish and maintain open communication with parents and the community.
* Keep current with the latest research based developments in education.
* Keep current and comply with national, state and school regulations, policies and procedures for classroom teachers.
* Compile, maintain and file all physical and computerized reports, records and all other pertinent documents required.
* Attend and participate in all required meetings and school related activities; including but not limited to service learning activities.

Other Functions:

* Cooperate and collaborate with colleagues as well as with all stakeholders to determine instructional goals, objectives and methods.
* Assume responsibility for assigned extracurricular and other sponsored activities.
* Pursue professional development through attending conferences and involvement with related agencies and organizations to improve job performance.
* Able to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements:

* Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
* Highly qualified as per federal requirements
* Have strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills to achieve the goals, objectives and mission of the school.
* Knowledge of the Texas Essential of Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
* Required general and content knowledge of curriculum and instruction.
* Ability to work well with students.

Additional Preferred Qualifications:

* Texas Teacher Certification - Mathematics
* ESL Supplemental Certification
* Minimum of 3 years of successful teaching experience in a Texas public, private or charter school.
* Bilingual (English-Spanish)
* Master's degree

About Southwest Key Programs

Southwest Key was established with the objective of developing community-based treatment programs for troubled youth as an alternative to institutionalization. In this country youth of color are over-represented in the juvenile justice system. Although youth of color make up only 32 percent of the total population, they account for over 58 percent of those institutionalized. We see this trend first hand through the many programs we operate across the United States. Latino and Latina youth, African American youth and young people from poor families make up the vast majority of our client population. As such, we have placed a significant emphasis on the importance of our staff reflecting the population we serve; currently people of color account for 88 percent of our entire staff. We believe our staff must not only understand the culture of the young people, their families, and their communities, but also be able to communicate in the language of that youth and their family. We have also developed program practices that build on the strengths of the cultures of the youth, as well as the communities from which our young people live. We believe youth belong at home with their families and are most effectively treated in their own communities. Accordingly, all of our programs place great emphasis on family and community involvement. All of Southwest Key's programs share the following key elements: Immediate Response involving a clinician, parents and youth and a crisis response team available 24 hours, 7 days a week as part of dependable service delivery throughout duration of the case. A Strength-Based Approach to develop each youth's capacity to succeed, hold youth accountable and build a support network. Flexibility to Individualize Treatment Plan that sets goals with youth and families Build Family's Ability and Capacity to Work as a Team through services in the home that use conflict resolution, mediation, and youth and parent contracting, involving relevant family members and others in the support network. Community-Based and Culturally Relevant Services Limited Use of Out of Home Placement