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Software Development
Junior Software Engineer
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ScoreBig | Los Angeles, CA
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Job Description

ScoreBig.com is the leading savings destination for Sports, Music and Theater tickets. At ScoreBig, consumers name their own ticket price and save up to 60% below box office price on millions of tickets, to thousands of top tier events, including all the major professional sports leagues, top selling concerts, broadway, theater and family. For the ticketing $20B+ ticketing industry, ScoreBig.com is the first and only opaque sales channel that allows teams and arts, music and theater organizations to move unsold tickets without the brand or cannibalization risks inherent in traditional discounting.
ScoreBig.com solves both a massive consumer problem in the live event ticketing industry-- price and affordability is the primary reason that most consumers don't see more live events each year. At the same time, we solve a massive industry problem -- more than 40% of live event tickets go unsold each year. Even events that most consumers think are "sold out" often have hundreds or thousands of unsold seats. In short, ScoreBig works WITH the industry to solve an unsold ticket problem, and FOR the consumer to provide them savings.
ScoreBig.com's founders, investors and key executives have backgrounds in the NBA, NFL, Theater and Arts and leading ticketing, media and ecommerce companies.
ScoreBig is an official ticketing partner of Ticketmaster, Sports Illustrated, United Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, Hotels.com, and many other prominent brands. ScoreBig.com was recognized by Forbes as one of America's Most Promising Companies. Led by very experienced executive team and prominent investors and advisory board. See the additional press coverage here .
Junior Software Engineer
Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
We are seeking engineers who have a genuine interest in learning, implementing and pushing the boundaries of technology. Our ideal candidate is someone with 1 - 3 years of experience working on a full-stack e-commerce site. If you started programming before college because you wanted to try out an idea, you are our ideal candidate. Not only are you an excellent programmer, you are also someone who sincerely enjoys the art of finding sophisticated and efficient ways of solving problems. You are someone who is constantly leveling-up your coding game by staying current through side-projects, asking/answering Stack Overflow questions or contributing to open source projects. If you take pride in your nerd cred, come join our team of talented techies.

It's über important to us that we hire top-notch engineers. Not just someone who can code, but someone who's curious and is always game to try new things. So when we review a resume, we place a lot of emphasis on extracurricular activities like hobby projects, Stack Overflow / GitHub contributions, and other things that show us you are all about technology.

Anything and everything. One of the pluses of working at ScoreBig is that you'll never get pigeonholed in a particular area of our platform. You'll work on different parts of our platform based on priority so you might be working on a new payment page one week then onto our dynamic pricing engine the next.

C#, ASP.NET MVC and SQL. Basically the Microsoft .NET stack. jQuery. We also use other JS frameworks like handlebars and requiredJS. CSS. If we give you a design in PSD, you know how to code it up.
We take pride in what we do. We follow SCRUM. We believe in the Lean Startup philosophy, write functional tests and we do peer code reviews.
You won't get stuck in a technology black hole. C# is our current language of choice and ASP.NET MVC is our partner in crime. We also use: nHibernate, Unity for AOP, Structure Map for DI, automapper, Jint, jQuery, Bootstrap, handlebars.js, RequireJS, LESS, ASP.NET MVC 4.5, FluentValidation, FluentNHibernate.

Here is how we stack up on The Joel Test :
1. Do you use source control? Absolutely. Git rocks!
2. Can you make a build in one step? Check.
3. Do you make daily builds? Of course. In fact, our Continuous Integration server does a full build, runs all unit tests and automated functional tests after every code check in.
4. Do you have a bug database? What do you think?
5. Do you fix bugs before writing new code? Technically we don't. But we take bugs very seriously. As production bugs are reported, we triage them right away and if necessary, a developer is assigned to it and a hot fix is rolled out within hours. Otherwise, we treat bugs just like a user story - they are ranked and worked on based on priority.
6. Do you have an up-to-date schedule? Why, yes. We are a Lean/Scrum hybrid shop and we always know what's important to the business and we work on high priority items first.
7. Do you have a spec? Kinda? We are a SCRUM shop so we write stories. We utilize a just-in-time development process where developers are given problems to solve and it's up to that developer/team to come up with a solution. Stories are written to describe what needs to be done with the necessary wireframes and designs.
8. Do programmers have quiet working conditions? Mostly. We work in an open space so things could get a little noisy. But you do catch random conversations every once in a while.
9. Do you use the best tools money can buy? Without question.
10. Do you have testers? Yes and we are staffing up more SETs. Did I mention each developer owns a story from start to finish? Learning and understanding the problem at hand, coming up with a solution, implementing the solution and verifying the solution (unit tests, functional tests) are all part of the game.
11. Do new candidates write code during their interview? Absolutely. Each candidate is expected to write code during every stage of the interview process. We also have online coding tests that we send out to each potential candidate.
12. Do you do hallway usability testing? Absolutely. For internal tools, we do demos before each feature is rolled out. For our public facing website, we demo even more.

About ScoreBig

ScoreBig is on a mission to create an entirely new way for casual fans of live events to go out more for less. At the same time we're helping the industry fill the 40% seats that go unsold every year. To do this we're building the ticket industry's first-ever opaque value channel. You've seen it work for hotel rooms and for airplane seats, now we're creating a new twist on dynamic pricing tailored to the live event industry's needs. ScoreBig is a big idea and we're looking for big thinkers who want to join us as we work on solving the $25 billion a year business's biggest problem. Join us and you'll be joining a team of sports and entertainment industry executives from companies including the NBA, NFL, Ticketmaster, Napster, Wasserman Media Group, Razorfish and Yahoo!. We believe that the process of buying tickets online leaves a lot to be desired, so we're working hard to create a customer-friendly experience that makes buying tickets fun. We're passionate about user experience, and we put our customers first in everything we do. We use the latest technologies, latest user experience best practices and agile development that lets us constantly test, learn and iterate on our products. Plus, we've got the extra benefits that come with being an upstart start up, such as free tickets to live events, gym membership, dinners when you stay late and free lunch on Fridays. That's all in addition to all the benefits you'd expect. From engineering to marketing, we're seeking great people to join our team. If you're smart, driven, and passionate about creating world-class products and delivering an amazing customer experience we want to talk to you. You can apply here, or learn more about our culture, benefits and the people that make up the ScoreBig team. Here are our current job openings: Technology