1-3 years of experience
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Employment Type:
Full time
Job Category:
Social Service
Assistant Community Outreach Manager
(This job is no longer available)
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Job Description

The Community Outreach Program (the "Program"), is one of the
three programs of OHA's Advocacy Line of Business. The Assistant
Community Outreach Manager assists the Community Outreach Manager
with day-to-day administrative functions. The Assistant Community
Outreach Manager also assists the Community Outreach Manager by
coordinating the outer-island Community Outreach Coordinators
efforts in community coalition building and advocacy support

1.Program Direction and Management

a.Ensures that Program activities are aligned with advocacy
initiatives, strategic priorities, and directives of the Chief
Executive Officer, the Chief Operating Officer ("COO"), the
Community Engagement Director and Community Outreach Manager.

b.Communicates with the Community Outreach Manager regarding
internal and external issues, trends, and ongoing professional
observations which may bear on strategic and operational decision

c.Ensures robust collaboration, information sharing, and shared
responsibility for results by all Program staff, and takes whatever
actions are required to positively replace behaviors and/or persons
when necessary.

2.Community Engagement LOB Team

a.Serves on Community Engagement LOB Team (the "LOB Team").
Upon request, leads and/or co-leads LOB Team.

b.Communicates information, decisions, and directives generated
and/or provided by the Community Engagement LOB team to all Program
staff. Shares information and products upwards to LOB Team. Ensures
that information and business workflow moves effectively through
and across Program and LOB Team.

c.Upon request, tracks and reports the status of all decisions
and/or directives to the Community Outreach Manager and Community
Engagement Director. Provides information and analysis to the LOB
Team regarding the status of Community Outreach implementation of
advocacy initiatives and organizational priorities.


a.Supervises the outer-island Community Outreach Coordinators
(both professional and administrative staff) within the Program and
works with Community Outreach Manager in managing all day-to-day
Program operations. Ensures that information and business workflow
moves effectively through the Program once priorities and decisions
are communicated by the Community Outreach Manager, Community
Engagement and/or the COO.
b.Assists the Community Outreach Manager with the preparation of
Program Work Plans, Budget Work Sheets, and related operational
planning and administrative documents. Submits for approval to the
Community Outreach Manager, Community Engagement and/or the COO by
established deadlines.
c.Ensures work performed by Program is aligned with
organizational priorities. Monitors and manages expenditures within
budget allocations. Prepares and submits performance reports, as
requested by the Community Outreach Manager.
d.Ensures and engages in employee performance planning,
feedback, and performance evaluations at scheduled intervals.
Engages in ongoing coaching and performance improvement planning to
close performance gaps.
e.Develops a positive work environment within the Program.
f.Ensures without exception the proper handling and maintenance
of confidential, sensitive and/or proprietary information.
4.Community Outreach
a.Participates in workflow mapping processes related to the
initiation, design, and development of advocacy initiatives.
Ensures that community input gathered through Community Outreach
informs decisions at the right times.
b.Assesses and evaluates community assets, strengths, and
relationships. Evaluates community dynamics and power
relationships. Identifies allies and opponents. Identifies leaders
and potential leaders. Identifies formal and informal communication
patterns and processes.
c.Identifies existing organizations with common goals. Organizes
new groups. Builds learning models. Helps groups develop strategic
plans and/or action plans. Helps groups establish roles and
responsibilities. Develops participation processes. Builds group
capacities. Helps groups articulate vision and commit to goals.
d.Conducts informational sessions. Conducts training sessions.
Develops leadership capacities. Produces materials tailored to
individual groups. Creates variety of learning situations adapted
to needs, structures, styles, and dynamics. Creates variety of
learning venues. Provides mentoring.
e.Provides outreach services and products. Listens to learn more
about individual experiences and concerns. Provides varied
opportunities for community members to deliberate with each other
about their concerns, ideas, and proposals. Helps groups develop
strategies and tactics that make use of resources. Helps groups
develop shared relationships and tasks. Assists with meetings,
logistics, scheduling; provides meeting support. Helps groups
collaborate with each other to build coalitions.
f.Builds and sustains coalitions. Builds networks. Identifies
opportunities for action. Motivates people to challenge apathy and
replace it with sense of self-worth and urgency. Develops shared
sense of commitment to common interests. Reinforces leadership and
sustained participation. Provides behavioral examples for taking
action. Creates environment for and models taking action to support
shared positions. Creates and maintains communication channels to
prompt action. Creates shared urgency to prompt and reinforce
g.Creates links between communities and OHA. Continuously
communicates with groups on behalf of OHA to develop awareness and
shared understanding of advocacy initiatives and strategic results.
Invites and involves Chief Advocate and/or Public Policy Advocacy
Manager and team members, and/or Compliance Monitoring manager and
team members so they can both share information and continuously
learn from and/or gain input from community. Shares information to
inform community action.
h.Creates sustainable links between communities and performance
partners, other advocacy groups, think tanks, business groups,
stakeholder groups, and others with shared goals. Leverages
relationships among groups.
i.Uses traditional and non-traditional communication channels.
Uses social media and other Web 2.0 technologies. Builds knowledge
base among groups. Illustrates and/or documents groups, networks,
knowledge, and communication patterns. Helps groups share knowledge
among themselves.
j.Coordinates and synthesizes information regarding the impact
of community action networks. Continuously articulates and
illustrates to individuals and groups the impact of their actions.
Measures impact. Helps group leaders measure impact. Demonstrates
value of actions taken. Makes connections to Strategic Results for
the Native Hawaiian community and to improving conditions for
individuals. Builds case for continuous actions on behalf of
advocacy initiatives. Delivers increasingly effective community
action campaigns that produce measurable support by community
members for advocacy initiatives.
k.Establishes, ensures and maintains strong lobbying
relationships with legislators, administrative officials, and other
officials who are empowered to enact laws and/or change public
policies of interest to OHA and the Native Hawaiian community.
Establishes and maintains strong indirect lobbying relationships
with associations, performance partners, advocacy groups, other
lobbyists, think tanks, community groups, media sources, and other
persons and/or groups capable of influencing public policy.
5.Knowledge Management

a.Ensures that Community Outreach staff practices relentless
sharing of information, perspectives, and ideas within and across
all programs, disciplines, and organizational levels; ensures
frequent use of collaborative decision-making and

b.Ensures staff utilization of processes and technology to
support knowledge management initiatives.
6.Fully supports in action, language, behavior and performance
the priorities, decisions, and directives of the Community Outreach
Manager, Community Engagement Director, Chief Operating Officer
("COO") and/or the Chief Executive Officer.
7.Regular Attendance on a daily basis is required for this
1.On behalf of the Community Outreach Manager, the Assistant
Community Outreach Manager may lead Program team meetings and/or
serve as the Acting Community Outreach Manager.
2.Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
3.Must be able to travel and have a valid driver license.
1.Graduation from an accredited college or university.
2.Four (4) years of responsible professional work experience
which involved community relations (including resources,
networking, relationship management, and database management) the
management of stakeholders or beneficiary programs or services.
3.One (1) year of responsible experience in management and
supervising others.


Applicants must be eligible to work in the specified location

About Office of Hawaiian Affairs

The OHA Hawaiian Registry Program (HRP) provides Hawaiians, worldwide, with a Hawaiian ancestry verification card issued by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, after verifying your indigenous Hawaiian ancestry through your biological parentage. Why was the program started? The OHA Hawaiian Registry Program (HRP) was initiated in May 2002 by an action from the Board of Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) to replace the existing Operation ,Ohana Program. What is the purpose? The purpose is to create an updated information base of Hawaiians showing lineal descent from the aboriginal people that inhabited the Hawaiian Islands before 1778.