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Employment Type:
Full time
Job Category:
Special Education/Behavior Intervention
(This job is no longer available)
East Valley School District | Greenacres, WA
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Job Description

East Valley School District is currently recruiting for the following position:

Special Education / Behavior Intervention

Job Summary:

This teaching position will provide direct and indirect services and supports to students eligible for Special Education services.  Services may range from a special designed program to consultation and follow-up services regarding students who have transitioned to less restrictive environments. The program will focus on providing students with positive academic, social, emotional, adaptive, and behavioral experiences through specially designed individual education programs in a safe, predictable, and supportive environment. Under the direction and supervision of the Director of Special Programs, Principal or designee, this teaching position will plan instruction, teach, motivate, inspire, and assess students. This teaching position will promote a high quality education program that reflects state standards.

Essential Job Functions:

This list of essential job functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.  Depending upon individual assignment, the employee may perform all or a combination of several of the following duties:

  1. Serve as a cooperative member of school multidisciplinary team and team member of assessment for determination of eligibility, and the development of instructional and behavioral goals that support students with disabilities across a continuum of services and instructional settings.
  2. Develop and implement IEP’s using evaluation results and assessment data.  Evaluate student progress using progress monitoring strategies.
  3. Provide specially designed instruction to students based on diagnostic data, showing student’s abilities and achievement levels, making a plan using district approved curriculum to accelerate growth and close the achievement gap.  Appropriately consider student academic deficiencies, increase communication and socialization skills, and decrease behavior which disrupts the educational environment or is detrimental to self and others.
  4. Understand and apply the concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as the basis for instructional strategies used in the classroom and school environment.
  5. Conduct Functional Behavioral Analysis (FBA) individually or as a team member to identify the function of the student's behavior and to develop effective positive behavior supports and interventions (BIP). Collect and analyze data to determine the effectiveness of the intervention and modify when appropriate.
  6. Ensure data is collected and records maintained for each student in designated areas to evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional intervention and behavior intervention plan or design.
  7. Maintain professional knowledge and expertise; attend, participate and implement district level program requirements of IDEA and Statewide Assessment requirements.
  8. Follow district policies, procedures, and administrative directives as they pertain to WAC 392-172A.
  9. Generate and monitor the effectiveness of instructional and behavioral programs for individual students and adjust services accordingly.
  10. Provide consultation and follow-up services to general education teachers, parents, other district personnel, and community agencies as needed and authorized to ensure the successful transition of students into a less restrictive environment.
  11. Provide an orderly and structured environment with a positive climate that motivates students to achieve.
  12. Maintain emotional objectivity in stressful situations.
  13. Effectively manage, instruct, and supervise the activities of paraeducators, other staff, volunteers, and students working under your direction. Ensure they are trained and monitored on instructional programs and behavior intervention strategies and their interaction with students is monitored regularly.
  14. Provide all instructional staff, support staff, administrators, and specialists a daily/weekly schedule of staff assignments and student activities to ensure supervision for instructional and behavioral supports.
  15. Collaborate on an ongoing basis as part of an intervention team to review student performance relevant to academic, social, emotional, and communication gains of the student and adjust instructional strategies as needed.
  16. De-escalation Training:  Be trained, meet certification and maintain a high level of competence in de-escalation and restraint techniques determined by the district to minimize possible injury to students, self or other staff members.
  17. Must be physically capable, have the core strength and endurance to work with physically challenging students.
  18. Implement adopted education programs and provide for individual learning needs of students.
  19. Develop lesson plans aligned to Washington State Standards utilizing the district’s adopted curriculum and instructional program guidelines.
  20. Create positive educational climate that establishes a culture of learning with high expectations for all students.
  21. Recognize individual student learning needs and implement strategies to address those needs.
  22. Promote the district’s educational goals through parent conferences and related activities.
  23. Responsible for constructive classroom management and environment that is sensitive and respectful for individual student needs.
  24. Engage and communicate frequently with families about the instructional program and convey information about individual student progress.
  25. Plan and use formative and summative assessment aligned to the intended instructional outcomes to modify instruction and improve student learning.
  26. Maintain appropriate and accurate student records.
  27. Will actively participate in a professional learning community (PLC) using data to improve instruction and student learning in order to close the achievement gap.
  28. Maintain and promote own personal professional growth through appropriate coursework, workshops, reading of professional materials, etc.
  29. Take necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
  30. The employee shall maintain a consistent presence at the assigned work site(s) and work the regular work hours specified by the contract.
  31. Professionally interact with colleagues, members of the public, and students.
  32. Comply with and uphold all district policies and all applicable laws.
  33. Fulfill other responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor.

Required Skills:

  1. May require a degree of physical strength and dexterity that exceeds the level required of general education and some other Special Education teachers.
  2. Uses appropriate disciplinary procedures, establishes clear parameters for student behavior, responds properly when problems occur, and helps students toward self-discipline.
  3. Assesses needs of students, prescribes and implements effective lessons to meet those needs through the use of appropriate and current instructional skills.
  4. Develops favorable relationships with students; listens to, cares for, and works collaboratively with them.
  5. Uses democratic processes to work out problems in a supportive and understanding non-authoritarian manner.
  6. Demonstrates the ability to coordinate activities with related and specialist staff.
  7. Demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of current educational developments and has the ability to implement a variety of instructional methodologies.
  8. Ability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the instructional/learning process and effective teaching strategies.
  9. Flexible in learning new concepts, cooperates with others, and adapts to a variety of assignments and conditions.
  10. Demonstrates ability to communicate clearly and effectively in both oral and written communication.
  11. Ability to handle confidential matters and information in a professional manner.
  12. Ability to establish cooperative working relationships with district staff to enhance the completion of assigned tasks.
  13. Demonstrates classroom management procedures by establishing clear parameters for student behavior; responds in a consistent, proportionate, and respectful way when student behavior occurs; and helps students take an active role in monitoring their own behavior.
  14. Enthusiastic and displays an overall optimism and motivation toward teaching and student learning.
  15. Sets and attains high level of expectations with a commitment to using available resources in a way that accomplishment occurs.
  16. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a diverse group of students, colleagues, parents, and administrators.
  17. Demonstrated collaborative and collegial practices to promote a culture of professional inquiry in professional learning communities.
  18. Demonstrated interest to participate in school events, district projects, and community events.
  19. Demonstrates personal characteristics of flexibility, high-stress tolerance, reliability, punctuality, dependability, and an ability to maintain confidentiality.
  20. Ability to maintain high standards of professionalism and diplomacy in dealing with the public and district staff.
  21. Ability to lift objects weighing up to 40 pounds.
  22. Ability to work independently within the parameters of the job to organize, set priorities, meet deadlines, make sound decisions, attention to detail, and follow through on a variety of assigned tasks, without the need for constant supervision.

East Valley School District is an Equal opportunity employer.

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