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Special Projects Coordinator
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Special Projects Coordinator

Doylestown Township is accepting application until January 10, 2018 for an entry level fulltime position in the Administration Office.


Equal Opportunity Employer

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Doylestown Township 2007 Preliminary Budget: Ms. Mason made a presentation of the proposed Doylestown Township 2007 Budget noting that the preliminary budget calls for a 7 mil tax increase. She explained that four public work sessions were held. The tax increase proposed will equal an approximate $280 increase per year per tax parcel. Ms. Lyons made a motion that the Doylestown Township 2007 Preliminary Budget be posted for review and comment by residents. Mr. Scarborough commented that he has reviewed the proposed 2007 budget and he does not believe a tax increase is needed. He explained that in 2005 there was $2,620,312 to roll over to 2006 and that in 2006 there is a proposed roll over to the 2007 budget in the amount of $2,674,241. He said that the Township has done what it needs to do and there is a surplus as well as other tax revenue sources, i.e., earned income, transfer taxes, occupation tax and there is therefore no need to raise the real estate taxes. He said that he believes the Township has kept up with inflation and that there was a 10 mil tax increase in 2003. He commented further that there are many people in the Township who live on fixed incomes and this will be a hardship for them. He said he believes the Township can maintain services without raising taxes. He reiterated his position that the Township should use the 2006 budget for 2007. Mr. Joseph Trymbiski said he agreed with Mr. Scarborough's comments and that the Township must do what residents have to do and live within their means. He said he demands that the budget be reworked. Mr. Trymbiski also suggested that the Township consider charging for use of the parks in Doylestown Township. Mr. Peter Harrison explained that he is opposed to the proposed 2007 budget. He said he is also opposed to the fact that the Board of Supervisors charged the staff with the responsibility of preparing the budget. He said he believes it will create a hardship on the residents to have an increase of 7 mils which equals a 100% tax increase. He said that the Park and Recreation Department is a drain with an executive director, an assistant and 3 employees and that the costs associated with the park system should be tracked. He suggested the Township look at Newtown Township as an example of a fiscally responsibly run township. Mr. Harrison believes that there is income available that is understated in the budget and expenses that are over stated. He asked the Board to look at the budget again and believes there is no need for a tax increase. Mr. Brian Price addressed the Board with concerns. He said that he is opposed to the tax increase and believes that the Board did not challenge the staff's findings. He said that there has been no talk of the wage tax which is a source of revenue. He said that he believes there are inconsistencies in the budget that the Board must look at. Mr. William Mount explained that he opposed the purchase of the park land which is costing approximately $1,750,000 per year. He suggested that it is not a Township park system but a regional park system. He said he believes the tax increase per property parcel will be between $126 to $509 per year with an average of $343. He said that his taxes with this proposed budget will be in excess of $10,000 per year. He asked the Board to look at the budget again with a view to lowering the tax increase. Mr. Mount also commented that the Township is in a period of falling real estate prices and sales and that by doubling the taxes this trend will not be reversed. Mr. Pete Sparring suggested that it was disingenuous of the Board to not have mentioned the earned income tax as part of the budget presentation. Mr. Grant Sargent commented that the tractor that is being proposed costing $135,000 must be gold plated. He also said that his pension has not gone up and yet the taxes are proposed to be increased by 7 mils. Ms. Debra Harrison said that she knows many residents could not attend this meeting and many others did not know this was on the agenda. She said she was offended by the comment that many people pay more for their cable TV than they will pay for the tax increase. She said it is no ones business how people spend their money. She said her tax increase will amount to $546 per year and asked that the Board rework the budget. Ms. Harrison expressed concern over the proposal to pave certain streets within the Township rather than continue the oil and chip process. She said that certain residents are receiving preferential treatment. She said that the Township must live within its means. Ms. Harrison compared Bucks County's budget of $450,000,000 annually with a surplus of $2,500,000 to the Doylestown Township Budget and its surplus. A resident from Doylestown Borough commented that the proposed increase for the Borough is .75 mils. Mr. Jim Bingler explained that he has spoken against the park system previously stating that it would break the Township and believes the Township must find a way to have people pay for using the park system without taxing all the residents. Ms. Rebecca Neamand suggested that the Township approach other municipalities to join in accepting some of the cost for the park system since residents from other communities use the park system. Ms. Maureen Schuster suggested that the taxes could be lowered if the ideas presented at this meeting were to be incorporated. Ms. Philo asked if the Township has an internal control report for any part of the 2005-2006 year and Mr. Wightman said there was no such report. She then questioned why the Township is paying for debt service in a lump sum. She also asked if a bond issue could be considered for new line item amounts and Mr. Wightman explained that a bond issue is not done for new items and that the Township currently has a bond to fund the debt service. Ms. Lyons explained that because of debt service payments certain projects in the Township have not been able to be started. The $1,500,000 capital reserve will be used for certain projects and cannot be used for operating expenses. She said that most people working for the Township cannot afford to live in the Township and the Township therefore has lost good people because of the wage scale. She said that the Board has tried to reverse this trend and catch up by proposing the budget with its tax increase. She explained that the Iron Hill Bridge was a good example in that when it was first proposed to be replaced the projected cost was $400,000 and when it was actually replaced the cost was $650,000. She said that the various Department Heads presented their proposed budget and the Board of Supervisors then scrutinized their needs and then completed the proposed budget. Ms. Lyons said that the Board does not like to raise taxes; "after all we are all tax payers". She said that the Board worked hard on this budget and do not want to "rob Peter to pay Paul". Ms. Eisenhardt said she believes it is important for the citizens to be part of the process. She said she has attempted to have the budget work sessions held in the evening so residents would not have to take time off work to be part of the process. She said that there were 4 budget work sessions held during the business hours and no residents attended. She said that the Board has worked hard on this budget and that some items have been on the list for 7 years and are still on the list and still are not incorporated into this budget. Mr. Merrill Pierce explained that two matters scare him and believes that there are two different languages being spoken; one by the Board and one by the residents. He said the residents know the cost of things have risen over the years. He said he doesn't care what the staff needs or wants; it is the residents that pay their salaries and the Board's salaries. He suggested that the Township raise its fees for the developers. He suggested a Ways and Means Committee be formed in the Township and he volunteered to be part of the committee. Mr. Doug Rowe suggested that equipment such as the tractor not be purchased in that a municipality cannot depreciate equipment, only a business can depreciate equipment. Ms. Evelyn Bernstein said that when she ran her business it was imperative that a budget be followed and certain items had to be cut and the Township needs to follow this principle.