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Business Education Teacher
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Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Business Education Teacher - CTE

REPORTS TO: Principal and Assigned District Administrators

LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: PEL in Business, Marketing, Computer Education, and Business Computer programming;

and/or Career and Technical License in Business content area


* Instruct entry level and advanced business education courses (Introduction to Business, Accounting, Marketing and Entrepreneurship)
* Instruct computer education courses and keyboarding
* Instruct Web Design
* Teach computer programming and app development
* Certified Microsoft Specialist (Desirable)
* Required to have 2000 work hours in the content area outside the field of education

Apply on-line on the District Website CHSD218.org

About Community High School District 218

Community High School District 218 maintains a permanent record and a temporary record on each student. The student's permanent record consists of basic information including student's name, parents' names, address, birth date and place, gender, grades, class rank, graduation date, scores on college entrance tests, attendance record, extracurricular activities, general types of services provided and dates of services, and a record of release of information on permanent record. A student's health record and accident reports are also part of the permanent record. The student's temporary record consists of materials such as family background information, intelligence test scores, aptitude test scores, anecdotal and disciplinary records, other verified information relevant to the education of the student and a record of release of information in the student's temporary record. Also classified as temporary records are psychological evaluations and special education files. No person may condition the granting or withholding of any right, privilege or benefit or make as a condition of employment, credit or insurance upon the securing of any information from a student's temporary record. District 218 will maintain student permanent records and the information contained therein for not less than 60 years after the student has transferred, graduated, or otherwise permanently withdrawn from the school. District 218 will destroy all of the contents of a student's temporary school record five (5) years after the date of the student's graduation from a District 218 High School. The contents of the temporary record will be destroyed within five (5) years from the date of withdrawal for those students who transfer or permanently withdraw. Prior to this time, the parents may examine and request a copy of any part of the temporary record. The parents of any student shall have the right to inspect, copy and review any and all temporary or permanent records, files and data directly related to their children upon a written request filed with the building principal. Once parents seeking inspection of their child's files have submitted a written request, the parent may be granted access to the contents of the file within fifteen (15) school days. In the event that the files include information or data which require professional interpretation, the district shall make available to the parent qualified personnel to interpret or explain the content of the file. A parent, or any person specifically designated by a parent, has the right to inspect and copy all of his or her child's student permanent and temporary records. The student may inspect or copy his/her permanent record. The cost of copying student records is $2.00. All rights of a parent regarding student records become exclusively those of the student upon his/her 18th birthday, graduation, marriage or entry into military service, whichever occurs first. Parents may challenge the contents of a student's record, exclusive of grades, on the basis of accuracy, relevance and/or propriety, or the parents may request to have inserted into the student's record a statement of reasonable length setting forth their position on any disputed information in the record. A parent may submit a written request to the school principal for a hearing concerning a challenge. Such request shall contain notice of the entry or entries being challenged and the basis for the challenge. The principal will hold an informal conference with the parents within 15 school days of the receipt of the request for a hearing. Formal procedures shall be initiated if the challenge cannot be resolved by the informal conference. The formal procedure includes a hearing before a hearing officer. At such hearing, a parent has the right to present evidence and to call witnesses, the right to cross-examine witnesses, the right to counsel, the right to a written statement of any decision and the reasons therefore, and the right to appeal the decision to the Superintendent of the Educational Service Region. Complaints may also be filed with the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Parents may obtain details of the formal hearing procedure from the principal. State law requires that no student records or information therein be released except as follows: 1. To a parent, student or a person specified by the parent. 2. To an employee or official of the school district or State Board of Education with current demonstrable educational or administrative interest in the student. 3. To the records custodian of a school receiving a transferred student, provided the parents receive prior written notice with the opportunity to inspect, copy and/or challenge the requested information. 4. To any person for the purpose of research, planning or statistical reporting, provided that person has the permission of the State Superintendent of Education and provided that no student or parent can be identified from the released information. 5. Pursuant to a court order, provided that the parent is given prompt written notice of the terms of the order, the nature and substance of the information released and the opportunity to inspect and copy the student records and to challenge the contents. 6. To persons authorized by state or federal law, provided that such persons shall provide the school with appropriate identification and a copy of the statute authorizing such access and that the parent receives prompt written notice and has the opportunity to inspect, copy and/or challenge the contents to the information requested. 7. To appropriate persons if the knowledge of such information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other persons. Any other information to be released requires the prior, specific, dated, written consent of the parent designating the person to whom such records may be released, the reason for the release, and the specific records to be released. "Directory information" may be released to the general public unless a parent requests that any or all such information not be released for his/her child. Directory information is limited to student's name, address, birth date, social security number and town, grade level, gender, parents' names, academic awards, honors, school activities, major field of study, and period of attendance, general services provided, and dates of services. The parents/guardians shall notify the District within a fourteen (14) day period of all or a portion of directory information particular to a student that shall be deleted from the Student Directory. After such time, the District shall release the directory information for which no objections were filed.