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Information Services
Search Engines & Internet Portals
Media & Internet
Software Development & Design
Employment Type:
Full time
Not specified
Customer Interests Software Developer (Big Data, NLP, ...
(This job is no longer available), Inc. | Seattle, WA
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Job Description

Update: Now also hiring Senior SDEs for this position!

Our team is mining for interesting topics and the authoritative relationships between them. We blend of a variety of disciplines (such as NLP, data mining, machine learning, big data, semantic web, graph stores, cloud computing) in an effort to understand our customers and the things they're excited bout. For example: "Harry Potter" is a fictional universe based around a series of books, and "Harry Potter Wands" are essential costume components. While there are knowledge and entity graphs out there, none capture the rich lifestyles and topics our customers are interested in. And we don't just build data: we're looking for developers with Web & App development experience to help us find new ways to interact with our customers.

We are a new team dedicated to understanding What Makes Stuff (And People) Awesome. Amazon customers are people with hobbies, passions, and quirky interests. They run barefoot marathons, brew beer, cry during Disney movies, and cosplay Sith characters at Comic-Con. We're looking for inquisitive developers who want to help us understand the world and the people in it.

How do you build software that understands things? How do you know who loves what? Did Joe Customer buy a blender because a) he loves whole-food smoothies b) he's equipping his college apartment or c) his cheap college blender burst into flames and nearly burned down the dorm? Answering those questions is exciting - especially the pyrotechnic blender part - and that's why we think this is one of the most interesting teams at Amazon.

If you'd want to make things about 20% cooler, think bowties are cool, would just as soon kiss a Wookie as work somewhere boring (or if you know which fictional universes these quotes are from), give the team a shout.We know submitting online applications can be impersonal. So feel free to contact us directly to introduce yourself and learn more: customer-interests-jobs (@)

Basic Qualifications

All Candidates will demonstrate:
Strong Coding Skills: You need to be very comfortable with code, preferably in languages such as C#, Java, Ruby or Python. Solid Computer Science Fundamentals: You will be asked to recall fundamental CS data structures, such as graphs and trees, associated algorithms, and apply them to new problem BS in Computer Science or related degree (Master's or Ph. D. preferred) Enthusiasm, creativity, and inventiveness: You will be asked to find new ways to solve challenging problems Preferred: Industry or Internship experience Experienced Candidates (SDE II,III, or Principle):
Demonstrated experience developing, launching, and maintaining large-scale, operationally stable systems Job Level determined by demonstrated scope of influence, level of leadership, and complexity of projects

Preferred Qualifications

Preffered candidates have domain-relevant experience in one or more areas:
Big Data (Hadoop, Elastic Map Reduce, Apache Giraph) Machine Learning (ML) Natural Language Processing (NLP) Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure) Semantic Web / Linked Data (SPARQL, OWL, Ontologies and RDF Schemas, Freebase, DBPedia) Graph Stores & Algorithms (Neo4j, OrientDB, Blueprints) Social Network Analysis (SNA -- Facebook OpenGraph, Twitter) Web development (jQuery, HTML, CSS, javascript)


About, Inc., Inc. ( operates retail Websites and offers programs that enable third parties to sell products on its Websites. The Company's retail Websites include,,,,,,, and also provides services for third-party retailers, marketing and promotional services, and Web services for developers. In addition, the Company operates other Websites, including and that enable search and navigation and, a movie database. has organized its operations into two principal segments: North America and International. The North America segment includes and The International segment includes,,, and In May 2007, acquired, a site for digital camera information and reviews.